Anna Balog-szabo

Curriculum Vitae


Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry; Low Temperature Aqueous Geochemistry, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, Computer modeling of geological systems using different computer programs.


  • Ph.D. Geology. 1996 Virginia Tech.

  • University Doctor. Geology 1984, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary

  • M.S. Geology 1978, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary


  • Professor 2002 August -present

  • Associate Professor 1997 August -2002 August

  • Chemistry and geology instructor 1996 August -1997 August

  • Adjunct Associate Professor 1995-1996 August

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant 1991-1995

  • Visiting Scholar 1990-1991

  • Associate Professor 1984-1990

  • Assistant Professor 1983-1984

  • Assistant Professor 1978-1983


  • American Association of American Petroleum Geologists

  • Australian-Hungarian Professional Society

  • Friends of Mineralogy

  • Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists

  • Science Society of Hungary

  • Geological Society of Hungary


  • Youth Secretary of the Hungarian Geological Society 1980-1990

  • President of the Youth Committee of the Hungarian Geological Society 1980-1990

  • Member of the Presidental Committee of the Hungarian Science Society 1980-1990

  • Secretary of the Hungarian-Australian Professional Society 1989-1992

  • Secretary of the Southeast Chapter of Friends of Mineralogy 1998

  • Member of the Board of Directors Friends of Mineralogy 2009


  • Hungarian US Joint Foundation, research grant 1991 to 1993

  • Szecheny Istvan Scholarship Foundation, half year scholarship, 1990

  • National Science Foundation, research grant 1990 to 1993 N co P.I. Fred Read

  • Good Teacher Award, Technical University, Budapest 1984

  • Youth Geologist award, Geological Society of Hungary 1984


  • Fluent: Hungarian, English

  • Reading-writing: Russian


  • Dodony, I., Balog, A., 1984, Mineralogical study on vaterite and other related minerals of thermal water origin: Annales Univ. Sci. Bud. Rol. Eotv. Sec. Geol. v. 24, p. 63-71.

  • Kertesz, P., Balog, A., 1988: Provenance and petrographical problems of the building stone materials of Hungarian Renaissance architecture: Periodica Polytechnica, Civil Engineering v. 32, p.169-19

  • Marek, I., Balog, A., 1988, Qualification of mass composition characteristics of rocks: Periodica Polytechnica, Civil Engineering v. 32, p. 193-199.

  • Balog, A., Haas, J., 1990, Sedimentological features and diagenesis of the Dachstein Limestone of the Nagyszal Mt. at Vac (Hungary); Foldtani Kozlony, Bull. of the Hungarian Geol. Soc. v.120, p.11-18.

  • Juhasz, E., Korpas, L., Balog, A., 1995, 200-million years of karst history, Dachstein Limestone, Hungary: Sedimentology, Vol. 422. No. 3. P. 473-489.

  • Balog, A., Haas, J. Read, J.F., 1997, Shallow marine record of orbitally forced cyclicity in a Late Triassic carbonate platform, Hungary: Journal of Sedimentary Research, Vol.67. No. 4. P. 661-675

  • Haas, J., Balog. A., 1998, Facies Characteristics of the Lofer cycles in the Upper Triassic platform carbonates of the Transdanubian Range: Acta Geologica Hungarica, in press

  • Rimstidt J.D., Balog. A., Webb, J., 1998, Distribution of trace elements between carbonate minerals and aqueous solutions; Geochimica at Cosmochimica Acta Vol. 62. No. 11. P. 1851-1863.


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