Eight Day

We had our breakfast at the hotel at 7:30, and were ready to go to our big hike to the Polish part of the Tatra mountains. We were going to hike to the Morskie Oko and than visit the beautiful mountain village Zakopane.

However the weather decided to change our plan.

It was very cloudy in the morning and all the way during our 9 km long hike. As soon as we took our pictures at the lake rain started to pour….

As dr. Anna would say it was a two minute rain (you get completely wet in 2 minutes). It was cold and in two minutes we were soaking wet.  Dr. Anna have decided rather quickly to take the baggy ride back to the cars. It was sooooooooooo cold in our wet clothes.

We had to go back to our hotel to dry up and change. So we did not get to see Zakopane.


Morskie Oko in nice weather




         This was our weather , and the way we saw the lake.


                                                    On the baggy


As soon as we got to the cars we have started the drive back to our motel. It took us at least two hours to warm up. Dr. Anna was really worried about us getting sick. Late afternoon we drove to Tatra Lomnic to eat.

To get cash in Slovakia is not a very easy affair, especially not for Andy.

In the bank people were very rude and very unhelpful. At least the dinner was very cheap.



                                  Andy after the bank incident


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