Fourth Day

We got up at 8 a.m. Our hostel was not very nice, the bathroom was on the hallway typical student boarding house. However it was in the middle of the city, close to everything.


                                    Our hostel in Budapest


First we went to see the famous Market place and bought our souvenirs.

“It is surely more than just a market. Built by architect Samu Petz in 1897, Központi Vásárcsarnok was restored in 1994. Today the market teems with all kinds of fresh produce, meat, cheese, grocery, flowers and Hungarian specialities, so it is not only a tourist attraction, but also a place where those who live nearby buy food. The mezzanine level houses folk-art booths and snack bars. In the basement level there are fishmongers, pickles, a grocery store.”  (

The next stop was the szent Istvan Bazilika.


“St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest’s largest church, designed by József Hild, was built in 1845 but not consecrated until 1905. The Bazilika seats 8500. A storm destroyed the original dome in 1868. The building was rebuilt from scratch in neo-Renaissance style but suffered damage during World War II. The church is currently undergoing restoration, begun in 1980 and set to continue for the foreseeable future. Inside, Gyula Benczúr’s painting of Szent István offering the Hungarian crown to the Virgin Mary, symbolises the alliance between Hungary and Western Europe. The church’s undisputed highlight is a glimpse of Szent István’s mummified hand.” (


                                                              Our basilica pictures

  Szent István’s mummified hand


From the bazilika, we went to do our art program of the day. In the art museum at hero square there was a beautiful Salvador Dali exhibit. After the museum we walked in the city park of Budapest.

Városliget or City Park is Budapest’s largest park. It was designed by the French landscape-designer, Nebbion. The locals go for leisurely strolls here. There is a botanical garden, an artificial lake (used for ice skating in winter) and the famous Vajdahunyad Vára – a castle that displays Hungary’s varied architectural styles right up to the 19th century, with the Magyar Mezogazdasági Múzeum (Museum of Hungarian Agriculture) housed in the Baroque-style part. A statue of George Washington stands in the park, erected by grateful Hungarians who had been allowed to settle in America. The park also houses the City Zoo and the large and ornate Széchenyi fürdo (Széchenyi Baths), which are famed as much for its giant floating chess boards as for the medicinal power of its waters.” (



Our pictures in the City Park


We had to run, because we had a meeting at the Eotvos Lorand University.

Dr. Anna organized a discussion between us and the Hungarian students about the environmental problems Hungary faces entering the European Union.

While there, we visited Dr. Anna’s old workplace the mineral museum.


   ELTE, Mineral Gellery                      Gabor Rajnai (Ikrek) giving his talk


After our visit at the University we had to run to get to our appointment to take the tour in the parliament.

“The largest building in the country, the permanent site of the national assembly, Parliament sits on the Danube embankment with its entrance looking out over Kossuth Square. The neo-Gothic building is the work of architect Imre Steindl, and was constructed between 1884-1902. It has 691 rooms, is 268 m long and its cupola rises 96 m into the air. The staircase is embellished with fine frescoes by Károly Lotz and sculptures by György Kiss. The painting The Conquest Hungarian painter, hangs in the congress chamber. Since 2000 the general public has been able to view the Hungarian coronation regalia here: St. Stephen's Crown, the sceptre, orb and Renaissance sword.” (


Parliament                                                                    Hungarian coronation regalia


                                                                                                    Parliament inside


In between the sites we took the different types of the Hungarian public transportation


on the tram


After all this sight seeing we were very tired. So went back to the hostel to rest up for the night clubbing. David knew his way around and took everybody out to meet the Hungarian night  life. It was a lot of fun.


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