Europe Trip

May 18th-Jun 1st 2004













Major airline (Lufthansa,delta)

Leaving from JFK Airport (New York) in the afternoon. (May 18th 2004) and arriving in to Frankfurt (Germany) next morning

Leaving from Frankfurt (Jun 1st 2004) and arriving in JFK  early afternoon.


            May 19th          Visiting Dresden, Germany, sleep close to the border

                                   in the Czech Republic.

                                   Project (formation of the famous sandstone towers)

  May 20th         Visit in the sandstone park

                                  Afternoon in Prague

  May 21th          Frantiske Lazny

                        Afternoon Soos (mud volcano)

Project (Postvolcanic activity, hot spring, balneology, formation of mudvolcano.

May 22th           Visit Dachau, Hitler’s famous death camp (Germany)

                                  Afternoon arriving to the Salzburg area, and visit a salt mine.

May 23th          Morning Visit the famous “ice”cave and tour around Krippenstein.

Projects: Formation of salt, mining of salt, formation of ice cave

Afternoon: visit Salzburg

May 24th          Drive to the Grossglockner (highest peak in Austria)

    Afternoon… hike on the ice.

                                 Project: Glaciers (formation, Ice ages)

Night: Drive to Italy (Cortina D’Ampezzo) to the heart of the Dolomites mountain.

May 25th          Hike in the mountains, take some cable car rides. 

Project: Formation of the Alps

    Late afternoon: Drive to Venice

May 26th          Morning in Venice

                      Project: How does Venice faces the rising sea level

    Late Afternoon: driving to Lucca

            May 27th.       Florence, Pisa

  May 28th         Rome

                       Late afternoon Drive to the Mediterranean at Severe

 May 29th        Morning, enjoy the beach

                       Afternoon drive to Aosta Valley

May 30th         Morning Visit the Mont Blanc area

                       Afternoon: Zermatt Visit the Matterhorn 

         May 31th            Morning Traveling toward Germany