Fourth Day

We got up at 7:30 again, had breakfast and and left the Czech Republic. We headed to Germany toward Munich to visit Dachau.


It was a rainy, cloudy day so our mood was set for this very sad place. We found this really great site if you want to check out some of  history and the pictures of this place ( image/images1.html).

This is our group in Dachau

After finishing our visit in Dachau, we started toward Austria. We wanted the rain to stop, and see something more cheerful. Austria is great.. We were glad to get there. At the border, there was nothing, nobody checked our passport, we just drove through.

The area started to be beautiful mountainous right away (After all we were in the Alps).  It was not far, about an hour driving to get close to Salzburg, but it was still raining. We decided to visit the salt mine first in Hallein.


I think every tourists had decided the same thing, because it took three hours to actually get into the mine. For the tour we had to dress into white coveralls, then we boarded a special train that took us several hundred yards into the mine. From there we walked some until we reached the giant wooden slides...This  mine had two. After sliding down we boarded a flat boat that took us across a small subterranean lake. At the end of the tour a handy escalator took us back to the surface.

Good Luck is the way the miners say hello!

On the train                                                Jeffry is sliding down


Katie and Jamike tasting the water                        Lecture in the mine

This is how the pink salt actually looks in the rock.

After the visit at the Salt mine, we started our search for rooms.... Dr Anna planned the trip pretty flexible, and we did not have set rooms for every night. It was interesting to choose our place. Tonight we found the perfect nest again. It was close to Werfen, a bed and breakfast in an individual house far away from everything. We had a beautiful view from our rooms to the mountain.

Our host Norbert was extremely nice and friendly (a Las Vegas fan). We had dinner, lunch and breakfast there for two nights.

This is our group....with "Aladdin" Norbert's dog

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(In this section, if otherwise not stated, the pictures were taken by, and the property of Dr. Anna Balog-Szabo)