Second Day: May 20

We got up at 7:30 in the morning, and had a wonderful breakfast. After saying goodbye to our hosts Joseph and Maruska, we started toward Hrensko. Hrensko is famous about its Sandstone Formations.

Gorges at Hrensko

Gorges at Hřensko are one of the most beautiful and famous parts of the National Park - Czech Switzerland. The Landscape of sandstone rock formations between Bohemia and Saxony is one of the places people like to visit for their romantic beauty. The area is also called Bohemian Switzerland. It attracts visitors by an extensive landscape division, variety of rock formations and vast forests. Characteristic rocks are thick-bedded sandstones, imprinting land relief with specific features, clearly distinguishing it from other geomorphologic units in the neighborhood. The origin of sandstones goes back one hundred million years, to the Mesozoic era, when sandy sediments then gave birth to sandstones. The sea receded and in the Tertiary Era the sandstone series were broken up by a system of runners, caused by volcanic effusions. Today, the region is open to public and deeply touches every single visitors     


Czech Republic - Hřensko


We hiked to the famous  rock arch of Pravická skála.


Our group at Pravická skála


Around 10:30 we started our drive to Prague. We were very excited about visiting there, because we heard a lot about it. If you are interested in the history of this beautiful country, here is a great link we found:


We did not have that much time to spend, only half a day. First we went to our bed and breakfast, which was located on the outskirt of Prague in a nice house. The tram station was next door to it, so we did not have to drive in. Traffic in Prague seemed very hectic. We were very glad to get a glance at the local people's life....I mean taking the tram to the city.

First we visited the famous Charles Bridge.
It is The most famous bridge in Prague. It was built around  1400. It is a really nice walk across the bridge except you bump into people all the time it was so crowded. You could admire Baroque statuary, grand views up and down the river.  To have the bridge to yourself you should get there by about 8 am which we did not do of course. We climbed up to the tower at the end of the bridge and It gave us grand view of the town.


Next of course we walked up to the Prague Castle.
Prague Castle is the most popular and visited sight in Prague. Its history goes back to the 9th century and has always been the seat of the Czech rulers. Nowadays it is the seat of the president Vaclav Havel. The castle has three courtyards.  We missed  visiting the St Vitus Cathedral (Gothic landmark), because it was closed for renovation. However, We went through the Golden Lane and  visited the dark second floor and saw all the armored suits of the knights.


On the way to the castle

Golden Lane

It  is a very little street with nice little houses. They were inhabited by the castle servants, perhaps goldsmiths and the castle marksmen

By this time we all were very thirsty, and hungry. We had a nice dinner, and after that ice cream along the Vltava river. Later that night we walked on the streets of Old Town, and walked to the Old Town Square. This square has been Prague's heart since the 10th century and was its main marketplace until the beginning of twentieth century. We saw the famous Astronomical Clock on the town hall.


On the way home, we had the pleasure to try the metro in Prague.

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(In this section, if otherwise not stated, the pictures were taken by, and the property of Dr. Anna Balog-Szabo)