Twelfth day: May 30

This day was our most exciting day.....MATTERHORn.

But before that, we had to see  a  little bit of France.  From  St. Vincent we drove toward the Mont Blanc and crossed the famouos Mont Blanc Tunnel. 

Mont Blanc Tunnel

 major Alpine automotive tunnel connecting France and Italy. It is 7.3 miles (11.7 km) long and is driven under the highest mountain in Europe. The tunnel is notable for its solution of a difficult ventilation problem and for being the first large rock tunnel to be excavated full-face—i.e., with the entire diameter of the tunnel bore drilled and blasted. (

Right  after  the  tunnel, we  found  a  hike  which  took  us  to  a  very beautiful  glacier.





Driving toward Chamonix France we could see the majestic Mont Blanc. We stopped in Chamonix just to buy some souvenirs and we were on our way to Switzerland.  Driving  through the border between France and Switzerland was nothing.  They did not even looked  our passport.

  By two p.m. we arrived to tasch from where one can not drive a car to Zermatt. Zermatt is a gasoline free city. We had to take a train with which it took us about half an hour through this beautiful country. In Zermatt which I think one of the most beautiful place I have seen we hurried toward the Matterhorn. I could not wait to see it in real life. It has been a lifetime long dream for me. We found a cable car still working, taking us up to a smaller hill toward the Matterhorn. We bought our ticket up, and decided to walk down.

On the train to Zermatt


Cable car ride to the Matterhorn



After walking down from the mountain, we were hungry, thirsty and ready to rest. We still had to take the train down to Tasch, and find a place to sleep. By 7:30 p.m. we did all that, and were sitting in the restaurant of our nice bed and breakfast.

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