Second Day

         In the Morning we drove to Tasch a little Alpine town from where one can not drive cars to Zermatt because to preserve the environment it become a gasoline free city. We had to take an electric train into Zermatt. We were worried about the weather but we were lucky. After purchusing our ticket in Zermatt, we were on the famous Gornergrat Railway Car. It is very expensive way to get close to the Matterhorn (Almost a 100$ round trip) but it was money well spent. Every minutes of the ride was remarkable, and the whole experience will be in our memory forever. The cogwheel train left Zermatt and traveled slowly up, around, and through the mountains giving us spectacular views of the village, forests, and Matterhorn. 


Left to right standing: Michell Arnold,Anna Guillote, Katie Earles, Richard Yearout, Anna Balog, Matthew McKinney, Diane, Chris McPhearson, Jennifer Noell, Jacob johnson, Andrew Schifflett,

sitting: Anna Bowser, Robyn Gross, Cassie Ware, Julie Campbell, Brandi Gifford, Joy Beck, Lauren Hunt

Here is some of the  pictures of our adventure:


Late afternoon we left for Italy to start this interesting part of our trip.