Payment Schedule

The total cost of the trip is $2550 (This price can get a little cheaper, depending on the air ticket)


This price includes flying, travel, lodging, most with breakfast, programs. Food and credit for the class , passport is not included. If you do not need the credit, you dont have to sign up for the class!


1st meeting and payment

    $ 350

    Febr.17 th 1 p.m. Anderson 207

2nd meeting and payment

    $ 600

    March. 2nd 1 p.m. Anderson 207

3rd meeting and payment

    $ 600

    March 25th 1 p.m. at Dr. Anna's house

4th meeting and payment

    $ 600

      April 13th 1 p.m. Anderson 207

5th meeting is mandatory!

    $ 400

      april 29th 1 p.m. at Dr. Anna's house


If you can not make a meeting just give the check to Dr. Anna around that time. The two Sunday meetings are very important. Try to make those!