Internet exercise on Ground water


Go to the National Ground Water Atlas to learn about groundwater resources within the United States of America.

This atlas and web site were developed by the United States Geological Survey to aid in educating the general population about groundwater issues across America. To enter the atlas, choose a region of interest on the map of the United States and click on that region on the map.

Use information contained in the atlas to answer the following questions about your region of interest.

1. Use the "Regional Summary" link to learn about general attributes of groundwater resources in your region of interest.

a. What region did you pick?


b. What states are located in your region?


c. How large is the area encompassed by your region? What are the important geological features of the region? What are the major rivers and lakes? What is the estimated total population of your region?


d. What are the general climate conditions for your region? How variable are climatic conditions across your region?


e. How many major aquifers are described for your region?


f. What groundwater problems might be encountered in your region? Write a brief description of each of the problems. Can you think of potential solutions to these problems?


g. Choose one of the aquifers for your region and answer the questions above for that aquifer system.