Internet Exercises – Weathering of Rocks and pH

Physical Weathering

1.       Using the Internet locate and paste a thumbnail size picture of Physical (Mechanical) Weathering where ROOT Wedging (Plant) is taking place.  Can an animal be a part of Physical Weathering? How?



2.       Locate and place below a picture of Physical Weathering where freeze/thaw has been the primary factor in the Weathering of the rocks. What causes this weathering?




3.       Locate and place below a picture of Physical Weathering where Exfoliation has been the primary factor in the Weathering of the rocks – What causes this weathering? What rock will this likely happen to?



4.       What kind of Weathering would rocks be subjected to due to a forest fire? Locate a picture and place here.





5.       This site provides a variety of photos as examples of Mechanical Weathering.

a.       Looking at the Impacts and Abrasion photo, what has led to the spherical appearance of the large rock near the center? Is similar to exfoliation in that the rock is decaying and successfully loosing and separating the “bonding joints” of the rock through water penetration on all sides.


b.      Under Frost Action, is the vegetation growing on the slope providing any support that may holds rocks in place? If so how?


c.     Under the Root Wedging section (photo example 2), what was present on this landscape first –the tree or the rock?  Tell me your opinion and explain why do you think that is the way it happened?



Chemical Weathering

In this next section visit this website  Scroll down to the CHEMICAL wreathing portion of the site and notice the rocks on the site.

1.       The breakdown of rocks occurs because of chemical reactions between the minerals in the rocks and substances in the environment. Provide examples.



2.       View the photos representing weathering on this website What is “unloading” and how can glaciers impact unloading?




3.       Draw a depiction of the cause of acid rain – label the various parts pertaining to acid rain. Be sure to include relevant minerals involved in the process. Name at least two ways that acid rain can develop (one human action and one natural action).





4. How does acid rain impact the environment?



pH – the range and the daily impact on human through food

1.       Using the following website  determine the alkalizing and acidifying of the foods you have eaten in the last 24 hours. Example: Lunch – alkaline foods—Carrots-9.5, pear-9.9 and Acid foods – beer-26.8, corned beef-34.5.




2.       Keeping in mind that it is generally accepted that to maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods.  To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods. What measures may you want to take to change your intake of acidic foods?




3.       What factors influence the bodies pH level and how?






Part 2

Soil Erosion and Soil Types


1.       What is soil erosion? How is it different than soil degradation?




2.       What are the processes of soil erosion?




3. Search this site for a topic under subject for Virginia and write a paragraph about a “hot” soil topic in our state.





4. Describe the climate of Laterite, Pedalfer, and Pedocal.




9.       What is Caliche? Does it cause landowners any problems? What can Caliche be used for?