Sustainable Development

Internet exercise

Dr. Anna Balog-Szabo

 Go to the following Internet site and learn the basics of sustainable development

Answer the following questions:

    a. What is the definition of "sustainable development"


    b. What kind of problems could we have with urbanization?


    c. What will be the World population by 2025


    d. Where does most of the population growth occur


    e. Dependence on fossil fuels has resulted in four major problems, what are they?


    f. What does "global common" mean?

 Solar System

Go to the following web address:

    Answer the following questions

        a. What is solar nebula?

        b. How does the protostar forms?

        c. How do planetesimals form?

        d. How do planets form from planetesimals?

        e. Is this theory 100% right?

Go to the next web site:

This is the Virtual Sun tour. Take the trip, and answer the following questions!

       a. How does the light form in the Sun?

        b. What is the Chromosphere?

        c. When can we see the Corona?

        d. What is the speed of the Solar Wind?

        e. What is the future of our Sun?

Go to the following web site:

        On the nine planet page go dawn to the overview, and answer the following questions

        a. The solar System consists of:

        b. What kind of orbits do the planets have

       c. What kind of smaller bodies are found in the Solar System?

       d.  How do we classify the planets (based on chemical composition)?


Finally, I want you to use some of the search engines to find information about the origin of the Universe (hint: use the following key words: origin, universe). Write 2 paragraph about your find.