Review questions Chapter 1.2.


1.    Be able to define the meaning of geology, know what physical, historical geology means.

2.     Know about the solar nebula hypothesis, and some about the origin of the Universe

3.    Define the System, understand closed and open system, equilibrium. Know the principal subsystems on Earth. Without a question you do have to know the composition of atmosphere, the importance of hydrosphere and biosphere.

4.   Sustainable development; what is it, why is it so important?

5.  Describe the Solar System, inner(terrestrial), outer(jovian)  planets, and be able to characterize the inner planets. Learn the names of the nine planets in order.  

6.     Even after waking you up from your best sleep you have to be able to describe the internal structure of the Earth. (Drawing is my favorite, if you want to brown nose some).

7.  Plate tectonics (This has to be a second nature to you). Again drawings are my favorite.

     Be able to do the drawings with labels, and know the examples for each types of plate boundaries, and hot spot activities.

8.  Understand the moving force behind plate tectonics.