Review questions for chapter 5.

1. Why would volcanoes be hazardous for people?

2.Be able to write something about some historic volcanic catastrophes? Tell the stories to your friends like you were there. They'll love you for it.

3. Be able to list the more important volcanic gases, and the hazards they represent.

4. Know some horror stories about crimes caused by gases (Katmai, Laki, Lake Nyos). Dont forget to be able to explain what kind of long term climate effect  volcanoes might have. (When you have a party mention these stories to your friends).

5. Be able to compare the felsic and and intermediate-felsic lava flows. Know the different type of flows and features. Such as columnar joints, splatter cone.....).

6. Know the Pyroclastic material and their sizes.

7.Remember the parts of a volcano.

8. Types of volcanoes such as shield, cinder cone, composite or strato and so on. Dont forget the lava dome.

9. Definitely know what VEI means. What kind of numbers are frequent?

10. How well can we predict volcanic eruptions?

11. Distribution of volcanoes, relative to plate tectonic setting