Geology 105

Matter and minerals

Review questions .


1.       Define mineral

2.     What is the difference between mineral and mineraloid

3.     What is the difference between rock and mineral

4.     Explain the difference between atom, element and compound.

5.     Describe proton, neutron, electron, nucleus. Their characteristics, their location

6.     What defines the atomic number, how are the electrons  arranged in the atom?

7.     Explain the octet rule, what are the valence electrons? How do ions form? (cations, anion)

8.     Distinguish between atomic number and mass number

9.     Define, and give examples of stable and unstable isotopes

10.  Name and describe to your friend or someone sitting next to you the different type of chemical bonds.

11.   Briefly describe to your neighbor at midnight what are the physical properties of minerals?

12.  List the most abundant elements of the earth crust

13.  Know the Silicate structures

14.  List the common silicate minerals

15.  Be able to describe them, especially clays

16.  Know the different non-silicate minerals, and their usage.