Study guide                                       Chapter 6.         

Sedimentary rocks

1. What does sedimentary mean?  How much of the earth Earth is covered with sedimentary rocks?

2. List and characterize the four important steps of forming sedimentary rocks.

3. Characterize physical and chemical weathering

4. Characterize the Transportation of the sediment

          understand sorting, shape of sedimentary fragments

5. What is accumulation?

6. Explain the two major process of the diagenesis (know the different cement materials.)

8. Be able to explain the following terms:


                   strata, or bed

                   bedding plane

                   ripple marks



                   graded bedding


9. Classification of sedimentary rocks

10. Conglomerate, breccia

11. Sandstone, sorting, shape, different sandstones. Why Q-sandstone is important?

12. Shale, silt

13. What happens with shale during lithification, why it is impermeable?

14. Usage of shale

15. Limestone, mineral composition, forming environment, different types of limestone

16. Dolomite, mineral composition, formation of dolomite

17. Chert different colors, formation of chert

18. Evaporites they classified based on what property; precipitation order, forming environments

19. Coal. How does coal form, in what environment? Different types.