First Day

 May 7. 2006

Our flight was early in the morning from Raleigh NC, so some of us stayed close to the airport the night before, or some drove almost without sleep. The flight was relatively smooth even for the first timers (Brandon). Flying out west is pretty amazing after reaching Colorado's Front range.

From the plain

After arriving to Salt Lake city, Dr Anna and David had to go to get the vans....boring almost two hours waiting at the airport.


Waiting patiently

Before we hit the road, we shopped for important stuff at a near by Wall Mart. This year we had a really cool GPS. We named her Susan, because sometimes she gave us confusing advice. For example instead of a Wall Mart, she took us to a Sam's Club. Finally we were on the road toward West Yellowstone.

On the way we stopped at a couple of places to look at the columnar basalt lava flows.

Finally we started to see the snowy cold mountains, and soon arrived to the border of Idaho and Montana.

By the time we found the hotel it was dark. Soon tried to find some food and went to sleep.

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