Snowball Earth, Cambrian Explosion

Watch this You tube movie, and answer the following questions:


1.     Who is Paul Hoffman


2.     What is their study place?




3.     What rocks are providing evidence for an ice age has occurred 600 million years ago.


4.     What is drop-stone?



5.     What did Brian Harland find everywhere on the world in about 600 million years ago?


6.     How much South the last ice age spread?



7.     What happened in the 1960s? What did Michael Budiko did?



8.     If the ice were to reach Texas, what could have happen?


9.     Who was Joe Kirschwink? And how did he prove that the continents close to the equator were under ice?



10.  What is the magnetometer used for?


11.  How did Earth got out of the ice age?



12.  What does the presence of carbonates meant to the scientists?



13.  What kind of weather would have been at the end of the snowball Earth?



14.  Who was Guy Narbonne and what did he studied?


15.  What did Chris McKay studied? What did he find in Antarctica?



16.  Did life survive under thick ice?


17.  What made it possible for the sun to penetrate?



18.  What happened after the major climate change?