Chapter guide for Cenozoic Ch. 16.

1. Divisions of Cenozoic, along with the whole time scale. (It can come back on the final)!!!

2. You should know what happened in the global scale plate tectonism during the Cenozoic.

3.Know the two major orogenic belt, be able to locate them on a map, and know some of the mountain ranges which are the result of these orogenesis.

4. You must be able to explain (you should practice this with one of your friend) how do you know if an orogenic belt is active or inactive?

5. How did the Himalayas formed? Collision of which continent? How much of India is already gone into the Himalayas? Where do you get most of the sediment which is the result of erosion of these huge mountains? Is the Himalayan region still active?

6. Circum Pacific belt: Know what kind of plate boundaries do we have along the  Pacific ocean. Be sure, you would know if they are still active? What happens with Cocos and Nazca plates? Now the most important volcanoes of the region!

7. Know what happened in the Gulf of Mexico during the Cenozoic? I want you to know, how the deltaic sedimentation happened during the regression of the Zuni seaway. What is the source of the sedimentary rocks here?

8. How do the different oil traps formed (stratigraphic, structural). What salt domes are, and how did they formed? Why are they so important in the oil geology?

9. What are the characteristic sediments during this time in the Bahamas and Florida?

10. It is important to know the Cenozoic history of the eastern North America. What happened at the end of Mesozoic? What happened during Cenozoic? How did the big canyons in this area form? Is there any evidence of tectonic activity of this region?

11. Sedimentation of Atlantic coastal plain during Cenozoic?

 12. Climate in the Cenozoic. What are the evidences of equally warm climate during Eocene? How geologist believe the dramatic cooling happened during Late Eocene Early Oligocene?

13. Know some of the mineral resources of the Cenozoic!