Evolution internet exercise


Go to: http://www.becominghuman.org/

  1. Launch the program
  2. Click on begin the program and listen

a.How long is the human history

b.Where does the human story starts

       3. Click on evidence, and go to the bottom to related exhibits

           Click on #1: Scientific method

a.       Write a paragraph about Scientific method and it’s steps

Make sure that you click on the learn more! And read about the misconceptions about Scientific theory





Print the circle of  Science

  1. Go to the next exibit: Finding fossils
    1. Is it common and easy to find fossils? Write a papragraph, and explain




    1. Load the documentary:

Roles:         Paleoecologist









c. Go to profiling fossils

       How do you figure about the gender, age of the fossil



d. Go to the “dating game”.

What kind of dating methods do they use, and from what sediment?



                 e. Go to the interpreting evidence

                        Pick one of them and describe it!





  1. Play the documentary under evidence:

Where is Hadar?

Why is it such a good site for finding fossils?

When did the first hominoid fossil was found?

Why did they named the most important find in Hadar Lucy?

How old is Lucy?


  1. Go to Anatomy, and to the exhibit under it!

a.How are we like other primates?

            List similarities


            List differences (under learn more)



b.      Go to the big brain

Why primates, especially humans have much bigger brainsize than expected from their body size?



  1. Go to Lineages, and exhibit
    1. Click on the evolution link and describe micro and macro evolution!~



    1. What is the major difference between them



    1. Print and glue the human family tree here















    1. Still under Lineages and exhibit, click on the molecular clock


Describe, how scientist can measure the closeness of two species?










    1. Click on the missing link!

What is the misconception so most people believe that humans coming from apes. What is the truth?





      F.  Play the documentary under Lineages and write what do scientist think    about the Neanderthal man? Are we similar species?




  1. Go to Culture and watch the documentary
    1. Where is the cave located?


    1. How old the drawings?



    1. Meaning of the drawing


    1. What did Peggy grove studied?



    1. How do they date the art?