Internet Exercise


Hadean and Archean


Do this work alone and do not forget, only hand written answers are acceptable!

      1. Origin of the Solar System

                Watch the following you tube video and answer the following questions:


                    a.How do we know the age of the Solar System?

                     b. What is Ceres?




                      c. How many dwarf planets are there in the solar system?




                      d.Why some planets have moons and others do not?




                      e.Which planets do not have moons?

2.     Go to the following website:


Read through the article and answer the following questions:


a.       What time period the Hadean represent?



b.      What are the subdivisions of Hadean?



c.       Can we trace these subdivisions on Earth? If your answer is not tell me how did scientists came up with them?



d.      How did the Earth become layered?



e.       What is the “iron catastrophe”?



f.       When did the Earth protocrust form and what was it’s composition?



g.      When did the early atmosphere formed? What is the name of the process? And what was the composition of it?



  3.      Go to the following website read it, and answer the following questions:

a.       Look up Archean Earth and pick a picture for here which comes closest to your imagination of the Archean world!










b.      What process ended the Hadean Eon?




c.       Did the Sun have the same temperature during the Archean as it is today? Explain if your answer is not!




d.      What is the time period for Eoarchean?



e.       What is Ishua Greenstone? Where does it located?




f.       What color was the ocean? The sky at this time?



g.      What is LUCA and when did it start?




h.      Stromatolite: What is it? How do they live, what is their significance in term of the Earth atmosphere?  Put a picture of the earliest stromatolites here.










i.        (Also watch this movie and write a couple of  paragraph!












                       3.      Watch the following movie:

And write 3 paragraph about Banded Iron Formation. Also find nice picture of it for here.