Internet Exercise


Evolution of life


1.     Go to the following internet site: Read the information, and answer the following questions:

a.       What is the timespan of the Proterozoic Era


b.      What are the divisions of the Proterozoic? And the most important events during each. (There might be more than just one).

2.     Life on Earth:Watch this movie on You tube and answer the following questions:

a.       Based on the latest theory, in what conditions has life started?


b.      How do we know that just before the appearance of more complex life forms the Earth experienced the biggest ice age?


c.       What happened with the primitive life forms during the ice age?


d.      How do we call life forms living in extreme conditions?


e.       What happened on Earth as the ice age was ending? What caused the warming at this time?


f.       What kind of life form caused the oxygen increase in the atmosphere?


g.      What has happened in the deep sea after the increase of the oxygen in the atmosphere?


h.      What is necessary for multicellular life? What is the species which first had this material?


i.        What can the sponges do?


j.        Describe the famous find in New Found land Canada (Mistaken Point)? How old the rocks are here? What made this fossils to be preserved?


k.      What kind of features did scientists find here?


l.        How did they get nutrient without a mouth?


m.    Why were they dead end in evolution?


n.      How do the Ediacaran fauna differ from the Mistaken Point fossils?


o.      What kind of environment was present here?


p.      What kind of body these animals have, and what could they do?


q.      What was Kimberella?


r.        What kind of advantage bilateral symmetry gives to the animals?


s.       When the sexual reproduction started? What was the name of the animal that first had sex?


t.        Why sex is sooooo important?


u.      How do corals breed?


v.      Why sexual reproduction speeded evolution up?


w.    What kind of animal was growing in the fossil embryos? How does scientist know that this animal was a predator?