Internet exercise on Ice ages

1. Go to the: web page and answer the following questions

    a.What is ice age


    b. Characteristic features of an ice age


    c. How many "ice ages" did we have in the last 70 million years?


    d. How many periods of cooling and warming did we have during the last ice age?


    e. When was the peak of the last "ice age"


    f. When did the third major cooling period started?


    g. Please print out the page on greenhouse effect, and explain what it is here in one or  two paragraphs.



    h.What are the four fluxes explaining the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?



2. Go to this site:

and check out, how the ice has changed in the last 20,000 years?


3.Visit this site:

    Why ice ages occur?


4. Go to this site,

and find out what controls the advance and retreat of these large glaciers during the four long, cool periods?