Study guide on plate tectonics

 1. Know the mechanics of the plate tectonics. What causes it?

2.  Divergent plate boundary Mid oceanic ridge; structural graben; passive margin, volcanism along divergent margin; pillow lava;  mid oceanic ridges, examples

3. Convergent plate boundaries; Know the three kind of possibilities: Oceanic-oceanic; oceanic-continental; continental-continental (collision); examples. Be able to draw little figures!

4. Transform plate boundaries; San Andreas fault; Why is located next to a continent?

5. Hot spot volcanoes, example (Hawaii)

6. Wilson cycle or Super continent cycle. Why is that the oldest ocean floor is only 200 million years old?

7. What is an orogeny?

8. Different subsidences

9. Different sedimentary basins, with sediment types, and environment types.