Study guide on Proterozoic Chapter 9


1. Know the basic differences from Archean

2. Crustal evolution: Trans Hudson, and Wopmay orogens. You kind of have to know their location, and be able to characterize them (Wilson cycle!)

3. Banded Iron Formation; their importance, occurrence

4. Formation of Laurentia

5. Red beds heir importance, occurrence

6. Middle Proterozoic igneous activity

7. Greenville orogeny, super continent of the Middle Proterozoic

8. Late Proterozoic glaciation: How do we realize glaciation? How do we have to look for it?

9. Evolving atmosphere: evidence for the presence of free oxygen, How did the free oxygen formed?  What is ozone layer? How did it form, why is it so important for life?

10. Know everything about stromatolites? How did they live......?

11. Appearance of eucaryotic cells,

12. Ediacaran fauna

13. Mineral deposits of Proterozoic