Study guide Mesozoic

1. Know the whole geologic time scale! (It can come back on the final!). If you know that, you know the divisions of Mesozoic as well.

2.Remember the break up of Pangea.

3.Be able to compare and state the differences between the climate of a supercontinent, vs. a geography as it is today. Be sure, to know what kind of sediments would result from the extremely arid climate of this time.

4. Be able to describe the tectonic activity, vs.sedimentation in different regions such as:

Eastern coastal region

Gulf coastal region

Western region

5. You should remember  and be able to characterize some of the sediments of the Mesozoic time, such as

Newark Super group

Marine sediments and evaporites of the Gulf coast region

Chinle Formation

Navajo Sandstone

Morrison Formation

6. Know something about the microplate tectonism. How did it influenced the growth of the North American continent.

7. What are the important mineral resources of the Mesozoic?