Review questions Chapter 1.2.


1.       Be able to define the meaning of geology, know what physical, historical geology means.

2.   Describe the Solar System, inner(terrestrial), outer(jovian)  planets, and be able to characterize the inner planets. Learn the names of the nine planets in order.

3.   After all of these you must know about the Earth outermost layers (atmosphere, hydrosphere), focusing on their composition.

4.   Be able to describe the highest, lowermost and average elevations on Earth and the ratio of land vs. oceans.

5.   Even after waking you up from your best sleep you have to be able to describe the internal structure of the Earth. (Drawing is my favorite, if you want to brown nose some).

6.   Describe the major features of oceans and continents.

7.   Characterize closed, open systems

8.   Hydrologic system, and subsystems (just their names)

9.   Plate tectonics (This has to be a second nature to you). Again drawings are my favorite.