1. Be able to draw the rock cycle

2. Define the following terms to whoever you want. If they get bored, find someone else, but never give up!!!!!!!!

magma; lava; intrusive; extrusive; pluton; dike; geothermal gradient; differentiation; continuous branch; discontinuous branch; bowen’s reaction series; mafic; intermediate; felsic; assimilation; partial melting; viscosity; phaneritic; porphiritic, aphanitic, vescicular; glassy; pyroclastic; sill; Dyke, laccolith; batholith; shield volcano; cinder cone; composite cone; caldera.  In what kind of rocks would you expect them?

3. sketch Bowen’s reaction series showing all the minerals, and label it, and you’ll see your spouse is going to admire you. Understand how the chemical composition of the remaining magma changes during crystallization!

4. It is time to explain what is magmatic differentiation, how different rocks could form from one magma? Or how can different magmas form in different plate tectonic environments?????

5.Texture of igneous rocks

6. Classification of igneous rocks?

7. Describe rocks in the mafic, intermediate, felsic group. For this, I think it is better to find someone who is also taking this class for credit.

8.What is viscosity, and explain the effects of temperature and SiO2 content.

9. Understand the different igneous bodies, and be able to sketch them.

10. Know about different volcanic activities (table)