Possible group project topics for Geology-135

May 4th - May 16th 2013.

  1. Geology of the Death Valley
  2. Active Volcanoes of the West
  3. Geology of the Grand Canyon
  4. Colorado River ( Hoover dam)
  5. Antelope Canyon
  6. Monument Valley
  7. Geology of the Parks around Moab (Arches, Dead horse Point, Canyonland)
  8. Yellowstone National Park
  9. The Grand Titan Mountain


    1. Each group can have two or three students.
    2. By Early March you have to pick your topics and the people to work with.
    3. By Early April You must submit an about 10 pages written report (Can be copy and paste with references).
    4. You are responsible to present your research during the field trip at the related location.