Third Day

 May 9. 2006

The morning started at 7:30 a.m. again with the breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we started our drive through the park. We first went to see the Upper geyser basin. It was a crisp beautiful morning after the night snow storm, with snow on the ground. The temperature was about F˚28, freezing.

On the way we had some major traffic jams:

"South of the Norris geyser basin along the rim of the Yellowstone caldera is the Upper Geyser Basin, with the most plentiful geothermal features in the park. This area includes the most famous geyser in the park, Old faithful, as well as four other expected large geysers. One of these is the Castle Geyser which is about 1400 feet northwest of Old Faithful. Castle Geyser has an period of approximately 13 hours between major eruptions, but is unpredictable after inconsequential eruptions."




Even the animals felt the chill of the morning

We could not wait to finally get to the world famous Old faithful, and see it "coming".


   Waiting for it to come                            Old Faithful is finally coming

After The old faithful area we were going to visit the West tumb basin, but soon we learned it was closed. We had to go all the way back to Madison and from there go to East to leave Yellowstone through the east exit.


  On the way toward Colorado spring we have seen so many interesting geology that we did not live the Yellowstone area until 7 p.m.:

At Madison we saw lots of Pyroclasts and flow structures.:


And probably the most exciting toward the East exit was, the bears. People have told us, that East Exit is the place to see them.


The view was absolutely breathtaking, and the snow deep. 

We saw school book quality U shape valley.

Outside the park we saw Beautiful pyroclast formations along the road.




Also stopped at an exceptional angular unconfirmity.

Valery have decided to try to stop somebody.

We arrived to Colorado Springs about 2:30 in the morning in a bad snow storm.

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