Do you have anything exciting to do

During the break between Spring and Summer classes?

The exciting news is

You can take the best course ever:

GOL-135 (2 credits EEE)

Travel class between May 3-May 13th. 2013.

And learn while having fun

Wild Wild West

Cost :$1450 Including travel, Transportation, lodging, entrance fees. Some of the activities are very expensive and very cool.

This fee does not include the class credit.

1. Trip Iternary

2. Meeting times and Payment Schedule

3. Possible Projects

GOL-135 will be held between May 4th- 16th 2013 in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming with 3 meetings on campus and Dr. Anna's house during the spring semester.

Students from previous geology classes are encouraged to take the course.


Information:Dr. Anna Balog szabo

                 Anderson 207