Summer 2004

FIELD STUDIES IN GEOLOGY (GOL-135) was a 3 credit geology class offered at Virginia Western Community College between May 18 and Jun 1st.

Class participants were working on individual projects, and learning about general geology topics at different, geologically very interesting European locations.

Trip Schedule

Scrap book of the trip

(In this section, if otherwise not stated, the pictures were taken by, and the property of Dr. Anna Balog-Szabo)

   Participants                                     Seventh Day (May 25)

    First Day (May 19)                         Eight Day (May 26)

    Second Day (May 20)                     Ninth Day (May 27)

    Third Day (May 21)                        Tenth Day (May 28)

    Fourth Day (May 22)                      Eleventh Day (May 29)

    Fifth Day (May 23)                         Twelfth Day (May 30)

    Sixth Day (May 24)                        Thirteenth Day (May 31)

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