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 Dr Balog's GOL-105 Class for Virginia Western Community College 2013 Spring
Week Lecture Notes Homework Assignments Additional references, review questions
1. Understanding Earth:

A dynamic and Evolving Planet

Read chapter 1. in the book


Internet Exercise 1.

Sustainable development, solar system

Internet Exercise 2.

Saving on home electricity activity


Chapter 1,2 review question

Great site on dynamic planet

2. Plate tectonics:

A Unifying Theory

Read chapter 2. in the book

Internet Exercise 3.
Plate tectonics; Earthquakes, Volcanoes
Intenet Exercise 4.
Plate tectonics using Google Earth
Chapter 1,2 review question

Good site for Plate tectonics

Very good site


3. Minerals:

The building blocks of rocks

Read chapter 3. in the book

Internet Exercise 5.
Minerals and your Health

Minerals and their Usage 6.

This is an internet exercise about the important minerals
Great learning tool

Good site on physical properties

good notes

review questions

4. Igneous rocks and intrusive igneous activity

Read chapter 4. in the book

Internet exercise7.   
Geothermal energy, igneous rocks
Great learning tool

Igneous textures
Minerals of igneous
review questions
4. Volcanism and volcanoes

Read chapter 5. in the book



Good site on volcanoes

Very good on volcanoes


review questions

5. Sedimentary Rocks
Read chapter 6. in the book
Internet exercise 8. Good web on sedimentary rocks

Good notes

review questions


6. Metamorphism and Metamorphic rocks

Read chapter 7. in the book


Internet exercise 9. Good web on metamorphic  rocks

Good site

review questions


Weathering and soil

Read the first  part of chapter 6 pg.140-153.


Internet exercise 10.

Tulane notes

review questions

8. Slope system

Read Chapter 11 in the book


Internet Exercise 11. Ch 11. review questions

Check your knowledge

Good notes from Tulane

9. River systems

Read Chapter 12 in the book.

Chapter notes

River flooding (internet exercise)12.

Virtual river (internet exercise) 13.

Ch 12. review questions

good notes

10. Groundwater systems

Read Chapter 13 in the book

Chapter notes

Internet Exercise 14. Ch 13. review questions

Good notes from Tulane

Good PDF notes


Deformation, Mountain Building, and the continetns

Read Chapter 10 in the book

Chapter notes

  Ch 10. review questions

Good notes

12. Earthquakes

Read Chapter 8 in the book

Chapter notes

Virtual Earthquakes (internet exercise) 15.


Ch 8. review questions

Good notes from Tulane


13. Shoreline systems

Read Chapter 15 in the book

Chapter notes



Ch 15. review questions

Good notes from Tulane

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